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pressure cleaning artificial grass

Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect For Pressure Washed Premises 

Industrial cleaners use several techniques and methods to ensure that your industrial premises as well as equipment are as clean as can be. One such method is pressure cleaning , which is very effective in removing dirt, and all kind of debris from different surfaces. You can choose to do this yourself, or call upon experts such as WA Sweeping and Scrubbing who specialise in pressure cleaning for Artificial Grass.

A top concern, however, is always the impact that using this method will have on plant life and surrounding vegetative matter. 

High Salinity

The bleach in the washing chemicals used in power washing breaks down into salts. The high salinity in the soil makes it quite difficult for plants to absorb water, leading to dehydration. If unchecked, the dehydration may lead to the plants dying off prematurely.

Brown Spotting

Again, the potent chemicals in power washing solutions do contribute to spotting and discolouration if left to sit on the foliage. This can be quite unsightly, and especially if the spotting occurs in large patches spread out across the garden.

Precautions To Consider  

Removing the plants from the area being power washed is always a great idea. But that’s only practical when you are dealing with potted plants that you can move around.

Another recommendation is to ensure that your cleaning solution is highly diluted. However, you may want to consider that the diluted solution may not produce the same cleaning results. 

Covering your plants before power washing will also work. As will rinsing them off after the fact. However, both of these options are quite tasking. 

Artificial Grass is the way to go

Not too keen on handling all the hassle of protecting your natural grass every time you schedule pressure cleaning? Installing artificial grass is definitely the way to go.

With artificial grass installation, you don’t have to worry about any runoffs having a negative impact on your grass. It stays looking as good as ever, and with your clean surfaces to match, your premises will look great and as good as new.

This Video Shows How To Clean Artificial Grass using A Pressure Cleaner


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