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Artificial Grass benefits

Soothing And Relieving Grass Allergy Reactions With Fake Grass Installations

There has been much talk on the benefits of installing fake grass, with emphasis being on how much such an installation would save time, water and effort. One equally important benefit that has been understated lies in the fact that installing artificial turf may significantly improve the quality of life for those who suffer from different forms of grass allergies.

Grass Allergy and Associated Symptoms

Some Perth residents, in their numbers cannot fully enjoy their own yards because touching the grass or inhaling the air around the yard leads to a myriad of allergic reactions including a runny nose, overly sensitive and itchy skin, difficulty in breathing and watery eyes among others. Much like any other allergy, a great way to avoid these reactions is always to avoid the elements that trigger the reaction. And that is, indeed, where replacing natural turf with an artificial grass installation comes into play. It certainly does hold a greater appeal than having to take allergy medications for every single time you may wish to step to the outdoors.

Pets like dogs that spend a great amount of time playing in the yard may develop grass allergies that may manifest in skin rashes, spots and scratching and difficulty in breathing which is accompanied by intense coughing and a pronounced wheeze.

Natural Grass and Allergens

Pollens from natural grass and weed found in a natural turf yard are the main cause for grass allergies and hay fever for both humans and pets. During summer and spring, the pollen found in grass is much more and you can expect to see more puffy eyes and runny noses among allergy sufferers during these seasons.

Mowing the lawn, especially during these seasons triggers the release of the pollen into the surrounding air and the around the yard, much to the detriment of the health of those that are affected.

Artificial Grass to the Rescue

Fake grass is made from recycled materials such as rubber that do not release any pollen into the air or yard. This effectively eliminates the main trigger for allergic reactions. In addition, artificial turf requires no mowing. Artificial grass comes in short turf heights, unlike natural grass which would trap pollen and dust among other allergens.

Your neighbour’s yard may be of natural and that, may contribute to some pollen finding its way to your artificial lawn. You can choose to lightly water your fake grass lawn which has great self-drainage properties that will reduce the pollen count and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and spores.

Install Today

Reducing the risk of an allergic reaction is just one more addition to the unending list of benefits that come with installing fake grass in your space. At Perth Artificial Grass Service,  stock only the most durable artificial grass, made from quality hypoallergenic materials that will not affect your health or that of your pets. Everyone can now enjoy some time in the yard without worrying too much about uncomfortable symptoms.

Call us today, for a free non-obligatory quote even as you look to improve the quality of life and improve your health with a fake grass installation.




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