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Gardening Container

Container Gardening Tips

Top 5 Container Gardening Tips

Have you ever thought about container gardening? This is a simple concept of growing plants in urns, pots and other objects. It is definitely a great way to experiment with your garden and let that creative side shine through.

Gardening ContainerIt is likely that the Romans and Egyptians came up with the idea of container gardens. During the 1950’s, this form of gardening grew in popularity in southern California. Ever since then, the interest has spread steadily. If you are considering this method, then it is important to not only select the right container, but it is also important to select the right locations as well as the plants.

So what kinds of plants can you grow in a container garden?


This is a perennial plant. This plant should have plenty of sunlight. It is also important to make sure the soil drains well.


Rosemary asks for plenty of attention. This plant also asks for soil that is rich in lime and don’t forget about the sun.


Chives like having rich soil with plenty of sun. You should also trim it in order to get healthy chives. Chives are generally evergreen when they are in mild climates. In the harsh winter regions, they become dormant.


This is a popular annual that loves fertile soil. It also requires lots of sun. If your plant seeds out during the early spring, then it will steadily grow.


This tropical annual is perfect for container gardening. In fact, there are many types of this tropical annual that exist. Most of the varieties are known for growing quickly in soil that is warm. During the season, they should be lightly fertilized. Oh and don’t forget to break out with the Italian supplies so you can prepare a great meal with fresh basil.

Saw Palmetto

These plants like having soil that is well drained, but moist and don’t forget about the sun. They like having a lot of sun shining down on them. This is a tropical palm that bees love going to in order to make honey.

You may think you are limited to the types of plants you can use with container gardening, but honestly, there are so many plants that will work well in containers that you can fill your container garden with virtually any plant you want!


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