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Artificial Grass benefits

Artificial Grass: A Great Way To Increase Your Home’s Resale Value and Attract A Target Market

For many homeowners, a new kitchen or bathroom, installing or repairing the patio and deck, are among the first things that come to mind when thinking about home remodelling. If you are looking to increase the resale value of your home, landscaping with artificial grass is a great way to add curb appeal and increase your property’s value, and you can stay ahead of the game while others spend a fortune on pricy renovations.

Aesthetics First

While the specifics of what constitutes excellent landscaping varies from one person to the next, depending on the specific tastes and preferences, it can be unanimously agreed that an unkempt lawn with brown patches or puddles of water here and there is a complete turn off. Contrast against that, a picture of perfectly green and lush synthetic lawn, and it is easy to see why popularity of artificial lawns is soaring every new day.

An artificial lawn will definitely enhance the curb appeal of your home, leaving you with a long string of real estate agents and potential home owners queuing up at your door.

Kid and Pet Friendly

Artificial lawns are great for kids to play in, as they provide better cushioning against injuries and have greater playability through all seasons. Artificial grass landscaping is also great for families with pets, since it provides a great playing surface and cleaning after the pets is less of a hassle. Research has also put to ease the concerns of parents regarding the safety of artificial grass and most understand that the recycled materials from which artificial grass is made are safe and free of poisonous heavy metals.

With these inherent advantages, you can target specific potential home buyers who will benefit profoundly from this installation.

Attracts no maintenance

No one wants to go through an entire week of unboxing everything and trying to settle into their new home only to spend the weekend breaking their backs working on tending to the lawn and garden. It is physically and mentally exhausting to say the least.

A perfectly manicured artificial grass on the other hand screams “no maintenance” to potential home buyers who do not wish to make drastic changes to their lifestyle on account of having to spare the time and effort for taking care of a natural turf lawn. Click here for a more comprehensive guide on Benefits of Artificial Grass

Increased Space usability

A kept artificial grass lawn makes your front or back yard look much bigger than it may actually be. Home buyers are always looking for spacious properties that they can put to use whether for recreation or otherwise. Project this picture and yours will be the first “FOR SALE” sign to come down, being quickly replaced with a bold “SOLD” sign.

In a street with several similar houses up for sale, the one with the best curb appeal is more likely to sell first. Speak to potential home buyers and create a great first impression with an artificial lawn that not only enhances the curb appeal, but also adds value to your property, allowing you to cash in big on the resale.


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